Prophet Charlie Berrian has lived through everything he teaches and writes about. Born in Valdosta, GA, he is one of five children who has successfully conquered drug addiction and is living a life of sobriety for over 20 years.

He has earned several theological degrees and is the Pastor of Vessels of Oil Ministries in Atlanta, Georgia.

During the past 22 years, he has worked as a counselor, theologian, management consultant, maintenance manager, and public speaker. Together, these experiences have provided the foundation upon which Father’s Inner Healing & Recovery Center was built: to offer assistance to dysfunctional families and individuals battling personal, emotional, spiritual, and drug-related challenges.

The lessons and principles that Prophet Berrian carries on in his servanthood were forged by the Hand of God in his life. His ability to teach and impart the truths he has learned will ever remain priceless to the Body of Christ at large.

He is the author of Unmasking the Seven Deadliest Relationships and How to Survive ThemServanthood – Releasing the Leader Within, Meditation for Effective Living, The Power of Right Thinking, From Mentorship to Sonship, and soon to be released, Secrets of the Lord’s Prayer – How to Get What You Want.