Read Your Prophetic Word...

I hear the Lord saying that this is a time of restoration and recovery. Many things have been happening in your life… There has been trial after trial, challenge after challenge, and battle after battle, but God says you are breaking through to your breakthrough! A shift is taking place in your life and what did not work for you before, is going to work for you now… You are entering into a time of Grace and Favor saith the Lord. For the next several weeks, you will begin to see this taking place in your life… Just begin to declare over your life, “I am moving forward in Grace and Favor!”


You are moving forward in Grace and Favor, thus the enemy will have a plan against you to stop you from moving forward. This season, I see the enemy placing their hands within your family to bring forth conflict and tension. God says to stay at peace and let peace be your goal during this time. Many words will be spoken and negativity will try to gain a stronghold within your life, yet it is within your power to cancel this attack of the enemy. Pay no mind to negative words that are spoken against you, yet focus on the Word of the Lord and what God has in store for you… know that anything the enemy will try to do in the coming weeks is simply to distract and deter you from what God is doing for you! Any time that you see the enemy moving against you, begin to declare over your life, “I am an overcomer… I will overcome any attack that is sent against me!”


Tomorrow begins the last seven days of 2020 and there are Seven Declarations I want you to speak over your life…


December 25th: O’ Lord, cover my family and I with your Holy Protection as we prepare to enter a new year!


December 26th: O’ Lord, any plan that the enemy has formed against my life in 2021, destroy it now!


December 27th: O’ Lord, give me wisdom and knowledge, that I shall not fall victim to the plans of the enemy against my life!

December 28th: O’ Lord, give me a strategy to move forward in Your favor and Your grace for the year of 2021!

December 29th: O’ Lord, give me the strength to continue standing on Your word in 2021, despite the works of the enemy to move me!

December 30th: O’ Lord, give me fresh vision and sight that I shall move forward and see according to Your will!

December 31st: O’ Lord, as this year of 2020 is coming to an end, I declare over my life that only Good News, Happiness, Success, Growth, and Prosperity shall follow me into the year of 2021!

I will be in heavy prayer for the upcoming New Year...
Please send me your Prayer Requests for the year of 2021 Below!